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Insurance Broker

Are you an Insurance Broker?

….If you are, you may be interested to learn that we currently have a vacancy for a local Insurance Broker at a BoB club in this area.

Why not listen to one of our current members from another club, who like you is also an Insurance Broker to hear from the horse’s mouth how you could benefit significantly by becoming the only Insurance Broker who will be allowed to join this BoB club.

We don’t expect you to join up today, but why not book to visit your local club? This will allow you to meet  the other members, promote your business and see for yourself how becoming a member could benefit you?

Wes Griffith
JPM Insurance Brokers
Halesowen BoB club member
Since April 2019

Our exclusive clubs allow members to promote their business to other members/visitors. Each member gets to know, like and trust the other members and become increasingly confident in referring them to their contacts.

It’s like having an unpaid salesforce.

Many members also form great synergies with other members and in our experience are the best source of referrals. The Insurance Broker  business category is known for having a good synergy with the following business categories and tend to generate many quality referrals.

complementary business categories

  • Estate Agent
  • Landlords
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Accountants

Members who represent these business categories are the people most likely to refer you to their contacts. Other members will be referring you too!

Don’t forget that the ‘best business, is referred business’!


Will I be the only Insurance Broker in this club?

Absolutely, we operate a single seat policy ensuring that no member has any competition in any of our clubs.

How often does this BoB club meet?

All BoB clubs meet every TWO weeks.

We understand that you have a business to run and a life to lead.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

NO, attendance is not mandatory. However, the more meetings you attend the more business you will receive and below are a number of reasons to attend as often as possible:

  • You are unlikely to receive any referrals
  • You will miss meeting visitors
  • You will also miss the opportunity to tap into their 100’s of contacts
  • Another member may decide to give the YOUR referral to someone else who they know
  • Non attendance could mean that you appear to be unreliable
  • Another member may have a visitor they are bringing along to the meeting so that they can meet you
  • The meeting will be less vibrant and less productive
  • Visitors will be less impressed and less likely to join YOUR BoB club
  • You will miss out hearing what other members have to offer (special deals etc) which means that you won’t be able to give a referral

See how this BoB club member found out the hard way, why attendance is so important!

Who are BoB clubs?

Business over Breakfast Ltd, now better known as BoB clubs, was setup in December 2003 by our Founder Geoff Cox. Our First two clubs were established in Birmingham and Stourbridge in the West Midlands in Jan/Feb 2004. Both of those clubs still operate today and are stronger than ever.

We now have around 100 clubs around the UK and we operate in Lancashire, Gtr.Manchester, Staffordshire, Shropshire, West Midlands, East Midlands, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Somerset.

We also have clubs in the Republic of  Ireland, New Zealand, India and Texas.

Am I expected to give referrals at each meetings?

No, No, No – definitely not!

We prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY every time

Can I visit a club before I become a member?


We like people to visit a club before they sign up as a member. We want you to see for yourself exactly how the club is operated and meet the members. One visit is normally all it takes for visitors to be happy to sign up.

In advance of you visiting a club in person. Why not watch this video of  BoB clubs in action?


What does it cost to become a member?

inc One-off  Registration Fee & 1st year membership
£460+ VAT

One-off  Registration Fee
£95* + VAT

£365+ VAT

NOTES: *Annual membership payment becomes due 14 days before club officially launches
Breakfast fees are not included and vary dependant on the venue each club meets at.

For costs in other countries please visit

What does my membership include?

Your membership includes:

  • An exclusive place at you chosen BoB club
  • Your personal profile and Business profile pages on
    • which is highly ranked on search engines like Google™
  • Access to our powerful member only mobile phone App
  • Regular automatic ‘Member Spotlight’ feature promotion on Twitter
  • Rewards for introducing new members
  • Occasional online training

What next?

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